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Good morning, 

I just was thinking on a idea what if from Merchant will be removed the Sections bellow:

1. Jewels - Boss ( only boss jewels ) - in this way people will go more to raid boss event ( not to have the option to buy from Merchant Shop )

2. Misc - Ancient Books and Red Primeval Crystal ( Ancient books you can receive anyway from Rank up and Red Primeval Crystal you have change from lucky chest ) 

3. Recipes - all ( You can get recipes from Lucky Chests )

4. Parts - all ( You can get parts from Parts Box Chest ) 

5. Materials - all ( You can get materials from Material Box Chest ) 

6. Enchants Section - all including Secret Book of Giants & Top Grade Life Stone ( You have change to get from event's ) 

7. Soul Crystals - all ( You have chance to get from Lucky Chest Box ) 

8. C grade Items ( i don't think it is necessary since people start in B grade / maybe in the future will be starting with C grade ? )

In this way also the market square will be more popular Buying/Selling.

PS: This is just a opinion, so please guys don't blame for this :)) it is just my personal opinion ( Good/Bad ) ... 😄

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3 hours ago, TheStinger said:

Wrong section for this post / Terrible suggestions 

Lol is there any suggestion u actually support? 

2 weeks here saying criticising eveyrone

let them be...

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