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Disappearing nicknames

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After I logged in tonight, there is an issue I have.

The Nicknames dissapear. It happens randomly, on a random people... it's not like all dissapear, but some of the players do and some not... for each player independently.

It happens on my char too, but only if I set a certain camera angle for me...


I think It might be something with the arrow above your head pointing to the objective. When I set my camera parallel to the place where the arrow is pointing AND the camera height is near the ground, my nickname dissapears..

I'm 100% sure it's the case, The arrow just changed position and the previous position my nickname is visible, but now the new arrow position causes the nickname to dissapear.

I also noticed when I cast totems, in that camera angle the nickname shows up for the duration of the casting and then goes hidden again.

Also I typed .radaroff and the  arrow dissapeared... but the bug still exists. Although there is no arrow, the nickname dissapears as the arrow is still there...

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Also. The Map was talking Island with multiple domination places ( forgot the name ).

I restarted the game after the map and went multi TvT, it didnt occur since then.

The problem might have been also that I used offline shop, and I just logged in, and I had those problems, but after RR I dont have them anymore ( so far ). So there might have been some issue with offline shops and latest patch ( some compatibility issues )

I'll post if it will still happen though

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Doesn't sound like server side issue, server doesn't control when stuff appear / disappear depending on your camera angle or such stuff...

And last patch had nothing that might cause such behavior.

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I was in the same Event as Peper was. I had the same issue. If i had the camera in one position nicknames disappered. On another position they was avaiable. I made screenshots and add them later when i am home.

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