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Changelist #1

* Fixed False God mission stucking at the start.
* Added map raid statistics to Tablet of Information (records starts from now).
* Boss events will start few hours after server starts (relevant to next seasons).
* Added item score statistics to Tablet of Information, if proven to be better than ELO will be used instead.
* Removed Warlord's damage boost.
* Increased Dice prices, dices cannot be used out of town anymore, deleted all current dices on server.
* Added a new balance system to boss events which makes sure players on each team are also balanced by class group.
* Small improvement to Frozen Tundra mission to help people better understand what the mission is about.


* Updated streaming rules info, make sure you keep yourself informed.

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Changelist #2

* Small improvement to Korean TvT / Raid in the Middle mini events team balancing.
* Players cannot have more than 1 warlord in party anymore.
* Fixed twitch api errors causing players not to be able to log in.


* Added "Balance Correctness" feature.
* Improved balance in Multi TvT mini event.

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