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Enchant drop

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I was just wondering if what i'm gonna propose it's good or not:

What if we drop enchants based on our equipment?

Example: I have S duals and armor C and B jewels - i'm gonna have a chance to drop only ews/eab/eac

i mean, i don't see any problem in that unless i'm just stupid :V

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Doesn't really makes much sense, these stuff should be based on chance - you should always have chance to drop everything but higher enchants will be harder to get.

This helps both economy and newbies who comes in a later stage to the server since lower grade enchants gets cheaper and they can sell any A/S grade enchants they find to other players.

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Well, higher enchant drop is too low then because everyone is selling them 200a lower than merchant and it's really hard to try to OE and keep up with progress (buying epics and end gear) unless you donate or u play in a clan where everyone focuses on 1 stuff

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