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It's time (mages)

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5 hours ago, ichakala said:

I see you wasting your time with nonsense 🙂

I don't know if you remember some time ago I tried to explain to Luffy that he must not use the word "random"  and he told me that he is a very old, core  clan member of one clan  without knowing that the leader of that clan is my very old and good friend.  With that he fell into a pretty awkward situation which I find it funny to this day.  I am more than sure that the person you are arguing with would fall into the same situation because I see him mention people that let's say I've known for a long time.

Anyway, without commenting on top players from Russian servers, unless you make jokes with ovc top players you must know that any disputes here are pointless.  I have seen disgustingly stupid people on Russian servers but here everyone is racing to break any record for stupidity.  Be careful not to get you into their racing,  you will be in their territory and there they will defeat you, because this is their kingdom 🙂

you are a racist  You have not watched a lot of people.  Because those features that you described have no race, you can find in your city, if you look. How often do you see the flag on Russian houses, or the background?

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75 posts topic, 0 value - and if you folks think i'll read through all this worthless spam you're mistaken.

Feel free to start over on a new topic if you wish, and this time doing it properly by bringing actual images of the situation from ingame (classes/stats/items/buffs/etc...)

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