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System patch setting changes

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We decided to make a few changes to our system patch in order to try and increase some fps/performance ingame.

GPU Animation - will now be on by default, since L2's main problem is with CPU, this might help a bit (it will move some of the work from CPU to GPU).

Texture Filter - was off and will remain off by default, the reason I say this is because i'm not yet aware of how this would affect fps, if someone has an insight, can feel free to PM me.

NPC/PC Range - reduced from Wide to Average, this is still a decent range and will be suitable for 99% of the time, there's really no reason to see animations from players who are too far away.

Display Limit - this is limit regarding the amount of objects you will see on your screen, it was max and will remain max for now (since I don't really know what it does exactly behind the scene, how does it prefers which objects to show on the screen and which aren't etc), if you wish you can reduce it a little bit on your own and see how it goes.

Addons - the changes from the addons folder are now applied by default, which basically allows l2.exe to use more than 2gb of ram and increases the game cache from 32mb to 512mb, if you have issues with these changes (for example, critical errors), you can take back the older files from a folder called "Original" inside the patch.

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