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Reward for old players

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I know you like balance. Is it possible to implement rewards for older players? 

The incentive for season 3.

May be kill point. May be cloak Freya.


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Or we'll see 5 vs 5 tournaments and new characters? 

Or you think like everyone else...?  Looking to the future?


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Emerald could implement some kind of player system reward that play here season after season. Let's not joke ourselves, this server has very fine community of that kind of players, every season we see the same faces running around, so why not reward that?

I don't think the accounts should be wiped every season, but kept. With assigned ig nickname to it, so noone plays under that player name.


The title ranks we acquire each season (top rank for a character in account, in case of more then one char) is added as points and saved in your account.  

So let's say after 3 seasons, in which i was:

- season 1 - General (10)

- season 2 - Admiral (8)

- season 3 - Lieutenant (4)

results in 22 points in account.


And the next season I could start with 22k a/adena in my eq. Or if there were 'Epic tokens' implemented as I wrote in other topic, maybe 22 of those. 

That would be another goal for everyone to keep playing for, knowing they will come back. And actually making people come back, knowing they have some head start and they won't need to grind as much.


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