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About phoenix knight

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First of all thanks for h5 and a week of fun and new experience.

Next, some thoughts about phoenix knight.

Phoenix knight is gimp this season. He can crit hard but newbie spellhowler will crit harder. All his opponents will just run away leaving him without kills and rewards.

What's wrong:

1. Nerfed aggression defence reduction - delay 15 seconds makes it non existable (can cast 3 times per icon)

2. Nerfed flame icon - you can't charge it using phoenix and you can't charge it using aggression

3. Nerfed phoenix - icon is not transfered

4. Nerfed counter critical - same as for destroyer most important damage booster

5. Nerfed debuffs - you can use stun / root but their duration is so small that opponent already has started running away when you begin attacking

6. Nerfed sacrifice

7. Nerfed non damaging skills rewards

8. Nerfed damaging skills rewards - it's known fact the phoenix knight greatly depends on gear and when obtaining at least minimal essencial gear it gets huge reward penality

9. Phoenix knight is non suitable for mass pvp - it's not the problem of this server, it's actually problem of official, but yet, it in official phoenix knight was not at least that much nerfed

Overall phoenix knight gameplay is heavily broken and not even close to what everyone used to play.

There is unfortunately no place for phoenix knight now on the server. No single class is nerfed so much and so hard.

P.S. Season is actually over for me (better return to real life that get growing disppointment), but it will be interesting to see if any phoenix knight manages to do top 1 kills will all these nerfs

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PK was nerfed so that he won't ever be top 1 kills lel.... I was thinking you knew that already after everything you wrote ;)  It happened once in the past in the hands of some smart person.... But crybabies happened and when they cry... Emeralds reacts. Don't you see everyone hates tanks because of some aggro.... Tanks interrupt easy fragging.... Less adena for the cry babies.... So it's a no no...

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7 hours ago, PrayForMercy said:

 some aggro....

It made my day :o 

Anyway, the blame for nerfs is yours. You should be aware that when there are 20 tanks with -10 str dyes,  unlimited mana, buffs that can't be canceled in combination with your hell style of play - "agro-bot"  which only a few people here do  will force everyone to do two things : 1 leave 2 ask the admin for changes( in both situations  you stop the nonsense in the game but they stay in the forum).  Unfortunately for you, it was decided that instead of pleasing a few people with strange intentions the biggest part of players will be kept.  Now the tank is exactly what it should be -  it dies slowly and kills slowly, or perhaps this surprises you?

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