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Can not resolve hostname

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How i can fix this problem? @Emerald it doesn't gives me to log after it in account, waiting for resolve/fix.
P.S > Client its re-installed and installed again(clean) its about hosts files or any others, i don't know.


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21 hours ago, SkillzORMillz said:

@Emerald  finded the problem, when i use from the system l2.ini who's not edited like (Addons) folder who had a l2.ini for more range + cachesizemegs on 512 for more good fps, well that l2.ini who's in the Addons not working, should be using from the System(l2.ini) Thats a big problem, because you can't do a range on your camera, which its annoying and not playable like this.. please fix it !


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On 13.10.2019 г. at 8:23 PM, SkillzORMillz said:

@Emerald  Yes ty for fix it, i checked it today, but you have another problem with l2.ini its not fixed the problem with (Char display range) i can't play like this w/o range, its so close to my char the camera, please fix it.. i try to edit by myself the l2 ini with [CharacterDisplay]
Dist=3000 to 10000 but still nothing happens, please fix it... thats destroy many things in-game if you can't do a range with your camera on view...


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