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LF Clan

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English speaking player from Czech republic.  With many experiences ... playing  L2 since  2008 on high/low rates server. 

My mains on HR servers the first main role BP.

Second nukers/glad/fist  i can know also how works assist and more.. 

Every server i join i go try hard (2 wipes ago i was the first  one who got first AM +7 , haha) ... so i try to be the best and attack hero status... 

Not sure what i will play this server as main.. but i can take sub for bp and more..... 

Looking for Good group who know how to play this broken client, where you need to click just F1 - F5.

My activity about 5-10 hours if i am not at work (working   24 hours and then  2 days free) 

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