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Upcoming Aden Siege changes

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* Aden Siege will run on saturday instead of sunday.

* Aden Siege will be a part of the events, means everyone can participate.

* All vs all events, no factions, clans matter.

* All clans level 4 or above will be auto registered on the siege when it starts.

* FA will drop from PvP during the event, this will be the only way to gain FA without having to donate.

* Teleporter will be available at Aden Town with multiple teleport options on the battlefield, so players won't have to run around too much.

If everything will go well, I'll introduce an extra siege on Sundays, Rune Castle or something.

Gigantic Chaos Golem will be the new boss inside farm zone instead of Ancestor Martankus, and castle owners will be able to drop FA at all times from PvP.

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Ok first: Niiiiiiiceeeeeuuuuuhhhhhh, me love you, forever.

Second: Date Pleeeaaasseeee, tomorrow?! oh reminded me of star wars celebration! brb =D

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