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Streaming Event

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This is a cyclic event, every Saturday we will count the streaming hours of each player registered to the event and players will be rewarded accordignly, everyone wins.

* To register, simply PM me or Ruby your twitch channel URL and ingame player name and we will add it here (if you see it here it means you're already registered).

* Players who will not stream for the whole week will be automatically removed from the list and will need to require registration anew.

* Players get rewarded based on streaming hours they've done during the week, so everyone who made at least 1 hour of streaming gets rewarded.

* Make sure your streams gets recorded into your Videos folder so we will be able to check streaming hours at the end of the week (and some other requirements like not being afk and watchers).

* Rewards will change every weekend, and will be decided according to the highest and lowest streaming hours for that week.


Currently active streams:

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