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New Interlude Season

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So after alot of background work and seeing its been nearly 2 months since the last season ended, we have decided to bring back the Interlude season.

Unfortunately for these who hoped for an High Five season this will have to wait - I still don't feel good about it and as long as this is the situation, it will not be launched - however I would like to thank the testers who took part in it and let you know that you'll keep the tester status in case of any future work.

So without any further delay, the next Interlude season will start at 28/07/2018 17:00 GMT +3.

Here are some key changes you need to keep in mind for the new season:

* Gaining ranks have been made alot easier.
* Reduced clan slots but made clans 4 times cheaper.
* Changed starting gear to C-grade, S-grade will be locked in the beginning.
* Major improvement to the enchanting system.
* Added back Expert Books for leveling up.
* New Hybrid Map: Moba Arena.
* New Instance: Lair of the Snowman.
* New Mini Events: Guardians, Buffless TvT, Battle Royale.

Good luck to all !

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