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On 6/7/2018 at 10:49 AM, Agent said:

Honestly i dont want see this OP selfhealing agrobots in HI5 that we had in other seasons .This should be a priority .Its a class that can be abused by stupid people .

It can be easy solved, but let Emerald announce the server.

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On 6/5/2018 at 11:01 AM, Emerald said:

Cut the nonsense regarding team play on pvp servers already, it becomes boring to read - I don't understand how people end up roaming this forum for years trying to turn this server into something different, if it can make a server so sucesful then there must be dozens of them out there, just go and pick one to play on.

You've had dozens of seasons to prove that team play can indeed improve the server, yet it just made it worse, nobody ever came up with brilliant ideas to both keep teamplay AND make everybody happy, why? because it simply CANNOT be done on a server where all you do is PvP - its enough 1 oraginized party (not even talking about clans here) to break everything.

Even when I made the change to clan slots nobody, not a single person, could give me a valid reason why it shouldn't be changed, instead of just crying their eyes out from a change that doesn't even affect them, last season it simply ended up in 1 clan recruiting whole server just so they can say "we dominated", it had nothing to do with friendship / true teamplay at all.

All people did was abusing any teamplay factor exists to break any fun aspect of the game whenever it was possible, there will be teamplay aspect, but it will be kept to a very minimal manner - so players who trully play together will enjoy it, but players who will try to abuse it will not be able to.

You Don't Need Teams , You Need Leaders ))),. You Had A Couple ))). Certainly not enough for those sheep (S). Now.... God Knows What'll Happen xD ...

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