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Mini Event: Battle Royale

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Currently just a draft, stuff might change as development progress :)

* The event will take place at Ruins of Despair.
* Every short interval the zone will shrink, a radar will show you the location of the next safe zone.
* Going out of event zone will result in player taking damage.
* The safe zone will have white lines as border while the event zone will have blue lines (like in domation events).
* Each player will be given 3 skills: Fire, Heal and Booster.
* When using Fire, you will be able to aim somewhere on the ground to launch it, it will damage players in a certain radius.
* You will be able to find various items during the event:
** Damage Perk: Increases Fire damage.
** Fire Rate Perk: Increases Fire cast and reduce reuse delay.
** Scope Perk: Increases Fire cast range.
** Radius Perk: Increases Fire radius.
** Defense Perk: Increases your defense.
** Potions: Each potion will enable 1 use to Heal skill to heal 25% HP.
** Boosters: Each booster will enable 1 use to the Booster skill to increase run speed.
* After killing a player, he will drop all the items he had (event items, ofcourse :D) and you'll be able to pick them up.
* Bonus: every time the map will shrink a Wyvern will fly over the map to make an airdrop, pick it to get extra perks / adena.

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7 minutes ago, LustDemon said:


heh , we might just need a REset ))). 

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It will be added next update.

Zone visualization:


Few perks:




Air drop:




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