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  1. New Season

    Yo peeps , do we know when new season coming and with what chronicle this time ?
  2. Yella'

    Yo WTF YOU AIN'T YEEELLLIN !!!.Word up (hello), fakiner'ai (fuc king sh1t "exclamation"i haven't hear you since a while)what ya'll b1tches doin' (how are you guys doing),youwent silent ? I start to miss ya'll asses.( a sort of compassion no hard or bad feelings addressed to any1 directly or indirectly , i love you all ))). , not literallythat way but yea till we cross a bridge ))). ) How you duin'? Looking forward for the next season ? Me 1 certainly do , i started to gain resources again ))). so be ready to be wrecked to recc. ))).when u see me around , as much time as it passes nowtill' as harder i'm gunna' (going to) be for you ))). I'm thinkin' (thinking) to bring some surprises once with Crimsons aswellthis season , i'm gunna' need lots of enemies please, only....if you may ))). , if not ,bettah' (better) stay right where u are . P.S for those who trying to get in front seats affirming themselves around or do not understand the jargon i'm using whilst speaking i'm going to try and explain you each time (in brackets)i'm writing, as much as i can , what i want to express , or , if , in what manners , so you may be able to comprehend ; but you might aswell not be able to understand either this lvl of vocabulary ))).