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  1. New Server incoming?

    Do we have a new season ? This is amazing server go recreate it the only pvp that is still real GVE server!!! go on emerald we want l2OVC back
  2. Open Beta Q&A

    Dear Players, below are common Q&A during the beta phase. Q: When the beta starts? A: 15/04 1700 GMT+2. Q: When the beta ends? A: When we feel its ready for the grand opening we will announce it. Q: What should i test? A: Everything ! skills maps items etc... Q: Can i make a suggestion during beta? A: Of course , post your suggestions in the suggestions section at theforum. Q: I found a bug , what should i do? A: Post full detailed of the bug you found in the bug section at our forum, please use screenshot if possible. Q: Do my account and progressions stays after beta ends? A: No , we are wiping all the server data. Q: Do i get any kind of reward for participating in the beta? A: Maybe. Q: Can i donate during beta? A: No, beta phase is without donations. Q: How can i get high level gear in the beta? A: During the beta phase we will change the rewards for killing enemy players, increasing adena reward will allow you to buy high level gear. Q: How do i get the game client? A: Grand Crusade client can be download from the official Lineage 2 website. you must download the patch from our site