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  1. Raid Boss

    Bosses are not very interesting as before, many people prefer to follow pvp instead of going for the boss, could put something more of interest,As for example that drop blessed armor S 1-3 blessed weapon S 1-2 same with blessed grade A to all Players who hit the boss.
  2. Max lvl for all

    Hello esmerald and ruby, it would be better if everyone is at the maximum level starting, since it is very difficult to win the exp and not everything is that, but when a player takes a level advantage or 2 levels the difference is very big It is like a penalty of damage that exists, example I of magician to a dagger of my same level is very balanced the fight, but comes a dagger 2 levels more and it does me a damage of 15 k until 35 k of damage, this happening Very followed with all the people who enter new, to healer the archers that are high of level does him a damage of up to 40 k, whereas to a healer of its same level its damage does not happen of 10 k, this is a Penalty of damage to lower levels. You may ignore this message, but try on your test server the damage adjusted with all classes at the same level with the same items, and compare a lvl 95 against a level 99 damage multiplies a lot, you have nothing to lose if You put everyone to the maximum level, so everyone will enjoy their skills, only would make adena that is quite difficult to equip, I hope you take as a suggestion, new people who enter will not have a chance, and if it is very difficult to increase from 95 to 96 I do not want to imagine at level 105, take advantage of your server SORRY FOR LAST POST IT WENT WRONG