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  1. Tank Classes.

    I want to ask if can happened something about with every single tank class...players and espesially players from BR (without beeing racist) they using and playing this class without even one clue about what can do...only using it to annoy everyother player in the event that want to have fun and enjoy his game...They just ruining the game play of the event and annoying every other player that trying to have some fun in the event as i said before...This happening espesially on Escort's/Domi event' question is...can we do something with the class...(even deleted) or just make less Escort's event's and increase the amount of the TOWN map's ?
  2. Balance idea

    Hello, I'm not a faction player and haven't played any season, but I want to share some thoughts. First, yep tanks. Too strong. I played dagger, then I took tank. LOL income is 300-400 % more exp/adena. Just running around dancing with my friends and so on. Then I made DA(idea to kill people with reflect). Not working. Why? Because toggles sucks on DA. So it means that tanks(I'm talking about SK)are strong because has no mana consumption. (guard stance, shield absorbs too much) Lets check mages, everyone cryed that mages can climb fast. Because they can spam too much, try yourself. Nuke costs 0. Onlykilling spreemages at the end has problems with mana. So mine idea is simple. Remove toggle which gives hp/cp/mana. And somehow increase some skills mana consumption or remove some buffs. Like this EE/SE would be playable, Bishops couldn't spam their stuff all day, tanks maybe also.because now Bishop party>all. And then make that party can have one recharger,bishop and tank. Like that clan will be stronger thing. That's only my opinion, maybe it isbad. Oh I forgot to add, that if we make this changes, archers will be OP. But this is open field pvp... Archers have to be op...