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  1. Some suggestions.

    Hi there guyz i have played this server many years and i always come back to see if anything good is running around ofc when i comming mid seasons i dont even bother start play, SO before GC start i told you it was a mistake star wars clients cant be successful in this project well now ill reccomend for one more time L2 classic client i know you dont have the files bla bla bla yeah but in 2017 i wanna see a classic client in this project or even HB (hellbound) i wanna see the "war manager" again you know 1v1 2v2 3v3 4v4 like good old times. separate factions (different towns). As for interlude its an awesome client but its too old now and yet again we will see archers vs mages but in HB for example the new skills (like rush) make it better to see archers vs mages vs fighters vs tanks bla bla bla. That was my suggestions thanks for your time reading this shit and i hope you consider it youuuhoooo
  2. Death Match Identity

    Sup! I would like to request that in death match we are all anonymous again, because clans are teaming up inside this event in squads of 3 or so, the point of deathmatch is all vs all right? I have screenshots in case its neededI dont know the reasons for that change, but people are starting to abuse it