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  1. It's over 9999 ! FPS

    Hey there ! Are you rocking 24 cores @ 7ghz and stil getting low fps ? Wasted ur money on dual GTX1080,SSDĀ“s, water coolingand still laggs ? Are you tired of lags ? (I DIDNT DIE, IT WAS LAG ! n00b EZ GG) Then this guide is for you and your family ! Seriusly now. Lineage was released right after Jesus respawned(Salvation anyway) - 2003 ! Lineage is running on Unreal Engine 2.5 - first version is from 2001 - remember Pentium 4 ? Yes, exactly that year. So, you ask, HOW IS THIS gonna help me run this archaic game so i can R3KT these noobz ? It dont, i just forced you toread 618 characters. "Fun Fact:first Lineage version was without soul/spirit-shots." Dont forget to download latest c6 patch before: Letsedit l2.ini file. In this file you can findMAGIC. Wanna run it in borderless ? HERE. Wanna ur scrollwheelto be reversed or faster ?HERE. Wanna youR game have more cache to work with ? No ? I DONT CARE, LETS DO IT ! ----Borderless and scrollwheel is actually user.ini. Sorry. Step 1) Download this totally virus free keylogger:!LtNlAYKC!jM04Goxty3_BQSZzug__p4Xl8eSPncw7WQiCp6jxUG0 This keylogger program will encrypt l2.ini, so we can edit it. Step 2) open this trusted file on yours 3 000 $ computer and press "Open and decrypt" Locate your l2 system folder and find L2.ini. Step 3) Find [Engine.GameEngine] CacheSizeMegs=32 and change it to 512. (for brave Warriors of Sunlight 1024) Step 4) click on Save and encrypt, overwrite it and you want to save it with version 413. Thats it. I know about one more thing, but i am not even sure if it help. But i heard it help, so it help right ? Internet never lies ! Step 1) Download this!LtU3RaCZ!ynAL9Cg9a28Qe0cDGEEytfNBaOrGbflLNclbXvEoSTU extract it somewhere and runCFF Explorer Step 2) Make copy of your l2.exe Step 2)press "file" and "open" and locate l2.exe in system direction. Step 3)Click on File Header at the left, find Characteristics at the right, and click the 'Click Here' blue button Step 4) find "App can handle >2gb adress space" and tick it. Press OK. Step 5) save it and overwrite it. Good. BUT I WILL GET BANNED FOR IT, ITS CHEAT AND ESMERALDA WILL BAN ME. Oh really ? You might have a point here. Come here. closer. Dont tell him, its our secret, OK ? Dont forget in-game commands: .shotsoff .animoff .plzn00bToPro .rektemnow .SoEz So um thats my two penny. If you find it helpfull, write it. In case this will be popular i will consider editing it, so it can be sticked. BONUS: little nostalgia