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  1. Subbed a TH recently an noticed a few things: Acrobatic Move doesnt add aditional evasion while running. Esprit looks to be the same, but i still need more time checking, but it should boost hp/mp regen rate while running. Rapid Shot is a wepon dependant selfbuff and should remove itself from buff bar if the weapon is unequipped -bow. It looks like you deliberately removedSA:Mortal Strike for balance reasons, because those wepons were still accessible in C6. Could you at least addSoulfire Dirk (C gr) back? BtW; i don't had the time to check, but i assume the problem presist for other classes passives and selfbuffs. In particual i think Tyrant could be a broken class due hawing so many totems only useable while using fist weapons.