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  1. Just to add some Endgame without breaking something, using something we already have, the Noble Quest. Noble Books: After being Noble you can drop the 3 noble quest items again (in the same way). When you have all 3, you can talk to Noblesse Manager to gain 1 Noble Book (infinite, repeatable) to increase: P.Atk: +8 per Book M.Atk: +8 per Book P.Def: +4 per Book M.Def: +4 per Book CP: +30 per Book HP: +20 per Book MP: +10 per Book Yeah it is very low but it is infinite. That is a slow endgame bonus. You cannot reset those skills so it makes some unique character. You cannot trade Noble Books. Adds some interest to Ancestor Martankus. Since it is the only “Open Boss”, it can bring some good fights. Related other Ideas: Increase drop rate of Ring of Goddess from PvE Instance Missions, Raid and Grand Boss. Increase drop rate of Necklace of Goddess when killing a Noble, increases even more when killing a Hero. After being Noble, you have a chance to drop 1 Noble Book from killing a Noble. Chance increases when killing a Hero (very low drop rate). After being Noble, you have a chance to drop 1 Noble Book from Ancestor Martankus or from Box of Luck (very low drop rate). Sorry if already suggested, didn't find. Thanks for reading.
  2. Cancellation

    Reduce the cancellation skill sucess rate to 50% so people can play...all the server plays spellsinger with the cancel on 100% zerging on teams of 5 sps cancelling their targets..5 cancels=no buffs...Noone can play and enjoy that ...
  3. Emerald i enchant myskills and when i restart myenchants gone,but on skills bar shows me skill that is encahnted ,i had pinpoint +7,and when i want to enchant to +8 ,when i open skills windowshow me that is skill + 0 ,, on skills bar +7....