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  1. Insane lag issue

    Since yesterday`s night server gets some random lag spikes which lasts for 2-3 events or longer. Take a closer look at the issue, we don`t know if its another DDOS attempt or services issue.
  2. Thank you staff

    Hello all I am new player on the server, I've been playing for 3 days now reking kids with my Spoiler(:))) joke)and I really wanted to make a post to thank the staff for this amazing nostalgic experience. I am a former player from the old GvE (I know most of you remember it) and what you guys did here is amazing. The features with the events and mini-games are very well planed and I really enjoy running around with my dwarf spoiling peeps and farming adena. It is true that the server it's not perfect and NEVER WILL BE because L2 was not designed to be a faction pvp based game and balancing everything is impossible. At the moment Mages (SPS especially) and daggers (because they can go full resist and still do crazy damage) are running over the server but this will never change because that's just how faction server are..MAGES DAGGER and ARCHERS. The healers are kind of annoying and if with good gear, very hard to kill and my opinion, the only issue right nowthat can be easily solved by increasing the cooldown of healing spells. The point is that I am really enjoying playing here and I wanted to formally thank the staff and players in-game that helped me with answers to my noob questions. I really hope this server has a LONG life and I will definitelydonate a small amount (for my A grade weapon) to support the future of this project. Many thanks and see you guy on the battlefield where I can end stun you endlessly with my dwarf. OldMan