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  1. Can not resolve hostname

    How i can fix this problem? @Emeraldit doesn't gives me to log after it in account, waiting for resolve/fix. P.S > Client its re-installed and installed again(clean) its about hosts files or any others, i don't know.
  2. .report function

    Hi all, I think there should be a .report function to report players/bots in event who are throwing off the balance off teams. It is not fair to have 3-4 dwarfs with the name qwt32g9j throwing off balance while one faction is obliterating the other. Maybe make itif ~20-30% of all players ontheteamwho use the function on the player, the player gets ejected from the event and cannot join for a few hours or something (if happens a lot maybe ban?). This might be hard toimplement but I think it could be a good idea.Thank you.