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  1. Smaller maps for PVP?

    Hey, because of the amount of players (app. 100 on map), I recommend smaller maps, maybe (?) the town maps, cause of SEARCHING for players a lot during the event. For example the siege maps are unplayable and, simply, boring and useless in my opinion. I'd be glad to see a response from your side. KR
  2. Hope everyone is excited to interlude it up as much as I am. Going to play Healer (BP) and I'm looking for a clan this time around If anyone wants a healer get at me hopefully Iwill be on day 1. Order/Chaos doesn't matter to me will play either. In game name will be RipGut. Will update if I change name. See yall on the battlefield gona be a blood bath <3 <3
  3. Event coins

    I have suggestion for u gm.... Why u dont put adena reward for assist 5 adena and for Kill 10 adena , and rb juwels only Can buy From event coin.... Example : top grade spirit stone 50 ovc coins,rb juwels : lindvior 500 ovc coins and others for 50 - 100 less coins.... Talisman infinity 50 ovc coins and every upgrade 50 ovc coins.... Armor,wapon,brooch juwerly,agution just for adena... Delete this materials for armor upgrade.... To be Everthing based on adena and ovc event coins..... Idk Make priority what for adena , what for event coins???? Salute.