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  1. Hi everybody, I'm here to request clan leaders from all faction to make good agreementsfor the purpose of keeping the server alive. Like the last season, all we see is a high demand of players who are investing on server($) its very good! When a season starts and a good group of players take visbility by their good teamplay and good itens, it start to bring some other type of players who want to join a easier side to survive this faction server... Thus we have zergs. It's ok, we can't convince some problematic people to have a better way to promote fun on our community. Some players at the weaker side start to quit because sometimes theythink items are a heavy coefficient, They think that only DD classes are usefull to maps... Corrupted Heart is a example of the problem we have: Large Domination area that need a strong group control and complexity PVP. Even if the server tries to balance the sides, we have people who see that clans with high gears, more organized, usefull pts and strategies(...) and justabsorb nothing but hate! Don't look at that things like something he need to learn, justopen chat and begin to discourage other players as inexperienced as they are. It results in a side every day getting stronger and other just losing players... We must take seriously the custom of boycotting clans directed by inconsequential and irresponsible people. Andsometimes separate clans who are stomping this players. all we need is a political balance.We need to stop this snowball created by toxic people and stop to promote hate to players who are doing their work right,otherwise we will have the end of the season soon. Let good intentions fall on their minds.