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Found 2 results

  1. att crystal rates of success is a joke ,,,,u got other items to farm till the end
  2. Silence

    Small update

    Hi, Since season is running for 2 weeks, people are geared and some newcomers are keep coming I`d like to encourage them to stay for longer. That`s why i suggest some small update that would make them stay with us: - Adding maximum DMG cap you can deal on players with rank 1-3 (like 33% - 40%) to avoid archer`s one-shoting on avadon robe users, if an archer can kite well he will find the target anyway and newbies wont feel demotivated by seeing like 5-6k GS arrows on chat. - Keeping some motivation buff lvl1 or like death charm lvl1 buff for player with rank 1-3 (Adena gear depended system is fine and high right now for newcomers anyway so i don`t think it requires update unless Emerald thinks it does, i will leave this feature up to Admin`s mind.) My suggestion is only for those two things, which are little update to the current gear difference we can see on server ^^