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  1. New command .end

    Add new command to the game that allow players to shorten boring/bugged/annoying/lotsofotherreasonsmaps. .end or .ff Command shortens timer when used by: - 50% of chaos and 50% of orderevent participants - 80% of chaos or 80% of order event participants Either timer jumps to 5:00 or it starts to coundown by 2-3 seconds. Rewards like rb drops are percentage of actuall event time that passed. Command doesn't work under 5 min or on epic raid map.
  2. As you all know, you guys are playing from all over the world Time zone, there are times when there are fewer than 10 people The problem is that MAP is too wide (emphasis) I think that it is necessary to have a MAP that matches the number of people
  3. About MAP

    I will propose adding only one to the current MAP. Addition of narrow MAP (Colosseum etc.) There is a wall, it can not escape far MAP the reason Everyone has a chance to kill spree (beginner) Because you can not escape even if you have many spree, it is possible to kill! I think that it would be fun if there was one such MAP. About this matter I want to hear the voices of other people! how is it?