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  1. Mage server.

    Anyway, nothing new, came back to check this and its pretty much same as before. GM really have a hard on for mages, so he literally makes any other class unplayable. 16+4 buffs, so you cant take all the resists, with normal mage hit being around 500 dmg, while dark elf archer with plated leather set+dyes 5 str, hitting hardly crits with 2k on b grade robes, and 1 out of 5 hits are crits, funny. Destroyers, tyrants, warlords, daggers, all useless compared to mages, no wonder all you see is sps, sorcers and necros raping everyone. Anyway lets hear the response from the GM and majority of mage players how they are prenteding now that mages are fine and that they play archers and daggers and etc, lets laugh at it.