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  1. Log-in probs

    Hello, somehow i can't log-in into my account. It says that psw or username are incorrect but they aren't...This happens since the bugged teleport of yesterday night.
  2. I can't login...

    Hello, I am not able to log in, I type my account and password, but the screen does not change and does not enter the game ... I already tried to download the pach again, change the password of the account but without success, I continue without passing the login screen of game...
  3. Can not log in

    Hello, I realy want to try this project, but i have problem with login. Firstly I was created a acount from "Account" section - when i am loging with it, L2 crashes, than I created formum account - when I am loging with it, the interface just show loging proces and no more further. Any ideas, what should I do? I have 2x downloadded client and patch, reinstaled, did not help