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  1. Hi all, Im making this post to share with this community about our clan and to open slots inside it if we need something special. LatinEmpire is a really small but old clan, most of us are from Latin America, some from Spain and we even have ppl outside those countries. We started at L2revenge several years ago, later we joined Naia when official became free-to-play, spent there 2-3 years, the greatest thing we did there was to be playing at 2nd tier, in clans like LOD, UNITED, RoyalArmy, but still moving as a team, our clan always moved together as a pack. After Naia we quit for a couple of years and on december of last year we started again on L2L____r (i dont pretend to sound as advertice) and on January and Febrary I think we ruled the server, helping others and getting help ofc, we are not TOP clan, on march I quit and our members disband, later I got perma BAN and lost my gear and our clan in that server. Luckly this server came up and it is just what me, personally was looking for, 100% pvp, 0% PVE, and several of my clan m8 think the same, so now we are moving here and as I know, clan members limitation is very high, so sorry if i cant recruit eveyone who ask me on server, but it is only by INVITATION, we do not recruit, you should be invitated, first to play in our pts, to see how you play, and if you are good enought and we have spot for you, and we will invite you, but if we are full and you are still good, i will suggest you for my friends clan, our ally LordsOfDarkness. OK with all this said, please dont me asking for clan, if you want pm me asking for PT, do your best and then we will see. Some basic requirements: must be spanish-speaking (for best communication in teamspeak and clan chat) must be active on the hours we play, usually from 5pm onwards (GMT-5) (is useless if you will log at our morning when we are usually working) and most importat, have to be USEFULL for the clan, with that i mean, it doesnt matters if you are support or dd, but you should be able to do always a great job, always one thing that can count as a plus, if you are dd and have support dual class, is good, or if you are support and support class as dual (healer/tank, healer/iss, tank/iss) will be a great plus should now basic english to be able to comunicate with the outside world (not just the clan) and ofc, to understand this post Also Im uploading the raw videos of my gameplay (usually with the clan) if you want to see the action we are having and the way we play. Well, nothing else to say I think, Im very glad to be here and Im ejoying a lot this server, so I hope to see you around everyday and to be as friendly as possible between us, always remember this is just a game, we are still persons beside the ingame character, everyone have their own lives and problems outside the game and nobody deserve to be bullied here. I know that I had several problem with other players before, because of my strong personality but I came this server in peace and to enjoy and grow as a player. PEACE! and GO CHAOS!!!!! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbmg739H1ANWHhnNA_Esx0wc5wLb5JwCJ