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  1. Can not resolve hostname

    How i can fix this problem? @Emeraldit doesn't gives me to log after it in account, waiting for resolve/fix. P.S > Client its re-installed and installed again(clean) its about hosts files or any others, i don't know.
  2. how

    From which I must make an account to play on the server????
  3. Well ya see guys... I stepped off my bed a few minutes ago after being on my bed for a few hours and found that while I was on my bed my mice butlers decided they wanted a swimming pool right next to my window and didn't tell me so now I am stuck with a swimming pool about 3 inches deep in front of my window. Anyone wanna go for a swim or like... help me fix it .-.? Maybe it would be easier to just drown my house and live underwater.... *Starts deep thinking while completely and otterly hating life*