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  1. ADD flame section with media/trololol(or you can name it)/tips. Only lock topic if ppl brake rules of forum/server. Active forum= server online imo. Why? For such moments :DD @Emerald Last seasons summoners were even stronger (they had up to 50% damage boost from gear compared to this season up to 40%). SEs weren't available in party a couple of seasons ago aswell and seasons did just fine, I tried to bring it into play and your decision of overusing them (can't blame you for that anyway) proves it was a mistake and they should've stayed out of the game. You cannot say there wasn't competiton when the moment I removed giran castle you instantly lost Aden to that very same clan you were zerging with. Its all execuses for quitting, you were never dominating the server and the moment you do have competiton you whine and quit. These are facts.