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  1. An adjustment to healer benching

    I noticed the balancing that prevents too many healers on one side vs the other. Could I suggest a tweak so that a 1:1 healer ratio from the start? The end result would be that the first healer to register would have to wait until a healer on the other side also registers in order to enter. The goal here is preventing low pop scenarios where one side has a healer and the other doesn't. Comment and counter-opinion welcome.
  2. I traded a Staff+9 to the event NPC and it only gave me a BOG. Another player traded a staff+10 and got 40 mats boxes. I tried making a screenshot but my PC won't let me..please investigate. OldMan
  3. CTF Giran

    Event CTF Giran is buged. double guards on each side , flags changed to opposite sides , no score for chaos team even with flags taken
  4. Journey of the Fists

    So here it ends after a long journey of enchanting the fists couldn`t finish the +16 marathon Rest in peace my babies