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  1. First of all: I dont have any personal problem with Epic(mainly Empire) players. I really have a good relation with guys like Kat, Mayhem and respect them. •If we are every season loosing new players earlier and all time the discussions on this forumflows to "low number" of players when some balance problema happens, remember: -How can new players(without all enough good features to build an character and bring more activity to server) farm after take PK on"Games Manager" farmzone when they are trying to lvl up? -If you really want more players on events? why u keep joining events in oposite faction and just making an desonest PvP leaving that players see "how the balance works" and finally stop playing because can't share some knowlege with more experient players, because they are too childlike to support mainly our admin who are trying to make a good work and bring players, thats all we need! •It was the first time I decided to film it, I really always tell my members to fight each other and RESPECTnew players. Almost all clans usedtohave this type of playerending all the fun. •I can't think in any change on server more than: 1)players need to reallygrowl uptheir minds 2)admin have to punish players who made it. •Important observation: that Everson was the only DPS player on that map, the restwere common new players trying to kill an full pt with healer en OL covering... they just hunt that easy targets and blatantly don't killed himo at least trade that newbies some reward. One more time: how can this new players stay and see how this server can be a good experience? L2_2017_12_25_20_06_12_00.wmv