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  1. elf tank problems

    First of all, the aggro skill doent pull them to you and the chances of succsess are too low. It should make aggroed targets move to you and have higher chance of sucsess. It is the main tank skill and the sole purpose of having a tank in a server as this. In the preveous season of this server the tank was ok now its nerfed to oblivion. And if you think that this is a pvp server and tanks are not needed then you also have to remove bishops. Also the cd of many skills is way to high now and this only affect elf tanks. Another problem is that the mirror skill on elf tanks doesnt work properly, the strange thing is that it works as supposed to on dark elf tanks. What is the problem with elf tanks? Why are they nerfed so hard. When i started at this server there were other elf tanks playing and noone had a problem with them. Then everyone complained about me when i started playing saying elf tanks need a nerf. I played elf tanks for over a decade, maybe it is because i know how to use the class and not about the class needing a nerf. Also another problem in general is that cancel skills remove buffs even when a class uses a skill like UD. Shouldnt a skill like that decrease the chance of getting your buffs removed with a cancel?