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  1. clan de romani ?

    Stiu ca in fiecare sezon au jucat si playeri romani. Intentioneaza cineva sa faca un clan de romani sezonul asta ? eventul sa fim toti in aceeasi factiune, sa stim de la inceput.
  2. Clan shop

    In the last clan poll made by @Emerald.He mentioned something about clan shop. No further information was provided. Can we get some clear answers about this topic please? It took 3 days from discussing about the clan issue to implement the changes. I hope it will take the same amount of days until we see this being done

    I have a clan and i try to disolove but i had a no name clan war and i cant....
  4. How do we get clan rep points? Can we increase the main clan slots? 8 people is nothing.
  5. LF Clan [ENG]

    Hey whats up guys. Thinking aboutplaying this season (last season I played was ~1yr ago)and currently looking for an Englishclan.I'm from eastern USA GMT -5 (NA represent). Plan on rolling wind rider again with cardinal sub (might main anee to farmoly, not sure yet). Played l2 on and off for a pretty long time lol. Don't really have much vids from my POV, but here's a brief vid from my clan/cp Benevolence from classicskelth. Looking forward to seeing you guys in game.
  6. Just so we don't end up with unbalanced factions, let's try to have a list of what clans are playing and what faction they will be on. I'll start with sLcO for obvious reasons. CHAOS: sLcO SWISS ORDER: StrongOrderPlayers Friends Info Maze: Just write new infos(if u have) below and i will edit ur post every time /Chevignon
  7. Streamer Looking for a Clan

    Why would You have me in clan? I have dc set already.. I am always online 24/7. I am 25years old. I speak 3 different languages aaaaand I have a stream to confirm all of those pluses ^__^ .
  8. LostFighters we coming i hope server will be fun
  9. Change faction as clan leader question

    Hi guys, I just had a simple question regarding faction change as clan leader. I would like to switch from order -> chaos but I am the leader of my clan (Benevolence). Will all members get auto booted and need reinv after they pay faction change. Is there possibility to change my entire clan to chaos? I think it would benefit server in the long run and make it last longer since there are not many too strong clans on chaos atm. Thank you if u are able to help me