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  1. So, my Clan LostSouls had a change of leader recently, however isnt working as its supposed to. Member the clan was trasfered was character Gas Clan is lvl 8 atm and character Gas is stuck at a royal guard instead of the main clan I cant somehow edit the affiliation to move him to main clan, also character despite being the clan leader of a lvl8 clan is still a Baron(from nobl status) instead of Marquis Can you check that?Thanks
  2. Change faction as clan leader question

    Hi guys, I just had a simple question regarding faction change as clan leader. I would like to switch from order -> chaos but I am the leader of my clan (Benevolence). Will all members get auto booted and need reinv after they pay faction change. Is there possibility to change my entire clan to chaos? I think it would benefit server in the long run and make it last longer since there are not many too strong clans on chaos atm. Thank you if u are able to help me