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  1. New command .end

    Add new command to the game that allow players to shorten boring/bugged/annoying/lotsofotherreasonsmaps. .end or .ff Command shortens timer when used by: - 50% of chaos and 50% of orderevent participants - 80% of chaos or 80% of order event participants Either timer jumps to 5:00 or it starts to coundown by 2-3 seconds. Rewards like rb drops are percentage of actuall event time that passed. Command doesn't work under 5 min or on epic raid map.
  2. Just so we don't end up with unbalanced factions, let's try to have a list of what clans are playing and what faction they will be on. I'll start with sLcO for obvious reasons. CHAOS: sLcO SWISS ORDER: StrongOrderPlayers Friends Info Maze: Just write new infos(if u have) below and i will edit ur post every time /Chevignon
  3. ImmOrtaLs

    To all my friends,go Chaos. To all my enemies,go Order. Luffy
  4. Change faction as clan leader question

    Hi guys, I just had a simple question regarding faction change as clan leader. I would like to switch from order -> chaos but I am the leader of my clan (Benevolence). Will all members get auto booted and need reinv after they pay faction change. Is there possibility to change my entire clan to chaos? I think it would benefit server in the long run and make it last longer since there are not many too strong clans on chaos atm. Thank you if u are able to help me