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  1. Hello everyone ill take some time to bother you again population on server greatly decreased and as 1st day of the month seems like a very critical day for season's future i like this project a lot and i made this topic to get info from gm team and also see if players here gonna support this season for more i have some suggestions and i invite you also spend some time because i think this project worths it 1) an online GM Team member on event (even as refferee) would help a lot server have a stable online and newcomers feel kinda more valuable 2) a Pole section on forum working with voteswill help GM team a lot about players opinion on important comunitys' problems 3) i think server's ballance is tested on 50x50 fights or so , so thats why more and more players are arguing about op classes atm also gear is an important factor whichplayers shouldconsider when judge the factor : Balance i dont wanna add extra hours on anyone from GM staff but i think its more than nessecery *ps also i think starting newbys with S grade would increase the online (i dont wanna be unfair to anyones time of farming BUT i think that radical changes need to increase online in 1-2 days effectively) also a negative thought is on some days when schools open maybe get some newcomers or old players but we need have already some conclusively and ending the post i think project's reason is to have fun with PvPing on l2 world so lets all focus at how we can put all a small stone to make these 2 things grow and enjoy them both. i hope i i didnt made a boring topic my english are average i think anyone can read this!! gl and i will support any of your choices on PvP+ or fun+ expecting anyone to respond !!!