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  1. In last season I played with my insane class Elemental Summoner and kicked alot of in this last season I try to play with Arcana Lord, and dont have good results with the P.Atk because is lower than last time that I played with it...before was like 6k P.Atk with Rebirth lvl 1 Unicorn Pet, now Feeline King is just 5.6 and with cat self buff P.Atk ... just hit like 300/500, before I hit 500/750 I think is something wrong... Because with Mystic Mouse I kill 3 times more with B grade and no Rebirth than Arcana Lord with rebirth... I dont know I'm very disappointed cuz play to much time for nothing... Just a advice if you want see that or dont try this class. Good Look love this server after all. And Love You too pussys <3
  2. Top Summoner on RBs

    Hello! I think there should be a new category on the grand bosseventslisting the top summoners as there is no way to be on the top of the other categories with 200 damage. I believe giving us more chances would be more fair. Thoughs?
  3. I see there is still buggs with pets... I posted it 6 months ago? When I joined an event, my pet's list buffs start switching (every 2 sec ) I have seen my pets buffs and other pet buffs ( probably necromancer pet ) coz he had only WW buffs.. thats why my conclusion is this.. whenever there is more than one pet in the event there is possibility that my pet receives visual bug buffs from other pets on the same event... one instance of pet indicates onto two instances of buff lists.. thats probably what happens... I have no idea how to expla This is what I think what happens Pet[0] = BuffList[0] Pet[1] = BuffList[1] Game.Tick(); Pet[0] = BuffList[1] <-- This is the bug Pet[1] = BuffList[1] // or 0 if he gets bug too // and Pet[1] is necromancer pet and this is what should happen Pet[0] = BuffList[0] Pet[1] = BuffList[1] Game.Tick(); Pet[0] = BuffList[0] Pet[1] = BuffList[1] it's a very basic concept of How I think this bug occurs
  4. Pet buffs

    Is there a possibility to not lose pet buff when we log off? if its possible then do the same thing with cubics coz often I get crititcal error and I have to town to rebuff my pet coz he has no buffs after relog...
  5. Rebirth

    Can u fix Summoner's rebirth to not take buff slot?? since it's not fair according to other rebirths? or make it passive
  6. Pet Nerf

    Can you please remove that nerf which makes you to be in straight line to your opponent in order to send your pet attack him?? You have added 2 huge nerfs for summoner - distance nerf - summon wont listen your orders if you can't see your enemy which means u can't use obstackles to juke vs archers in order to kill a pet, mages have to hit them 4-5 times... all these rules combined together are very bad for healthy game experience... so I suggest to remove one of them