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Found 5 results

  1. siris91

    Remove C

    Since people are abusing the balance mechanic (i mean they wear C armor and weapon +0 that drops their ello too much and they get like 3-4 extra parties) maybe removing C grade would be a good idea
  2. Dear community of L2ovc, A brief intro about myself, this is actually my first season here and have to say that me and my brother (Queipo) have had lots of fun since the day we joined. Now going to the issue. I wanted to share on this post an experience I had a couples of days ago. Using this opportunity to make you aware of a scam that can be done massively on this server. A couple of days ago my brother and I decided to start looking for a clan. This idea came from the fact that belonging to a clan provides a set of skills that improve char. After talking with several clan members around we found a clan that suited more our style (Spanish speaker leader, around same level of improvement, full clan skills, etc). The clan name is Mein and his leader goes by the char name mDMA, afrodite, adrenaline. Everything was going well until my brother one day needed to trade items from my account to his and I happened to be too busy at work to help him. As not as good as it might sound on your head while reading a post from a stranger that got his items stolen, try to think about the context of what happened next. My brother with the urgent need of trading my items decided to ask help to the clan leader, again is not just another player from server is a clan leader. He as soon as got the items traded kicked both my brother and I from clan and kept items (RB jewels). After a couple of days we hoped that he will eventually make up his mind and return the items, but even after telling other clan members about the issue and having heard that members will talk with him, he never turn the items back. Just wanted to let everybody know the power that comes from having a player own a clan that its eventually necessary to have better stats in game. I believe this kind of behavior and misuse of the gaming style allows to create not a healthy and friendly playing environment, unless admins here allow to have either mafias or gangs in server. As a suggestion I believe that solutions like the recent post that emerald did about having stores in siege castles with better prices/items are better incentives. They actually go along the bases of a clan which are recruiting the best players you can in order to win sieges and farm together to improve. This direct power given to a clan and clan leaders in general is just a tool for regular users to create corruption and as we all know we don't live in a perfect world and there is always that guy who abuses because knows in the bottom that there will be no punishment. I hope this post will be useful and create awareness for everyone. Looking forward to read your comments, answers, Best, Jm (Abuelo)
  3. My personal opinion Is from positive nature.... I think that nothing and classes doesn't need to be nerfed,we downloaded client From official site so system Is Good.... so PROBLEM Is server system how fast itams u Can get it... At the beggining everyone Is same but ofc exist nolifers and donator ( sry if i AM wrong ) and how time Is going some off ppl get gear and that difference between geared ppl and beginers Is very big... How couple players Can change server.... My opinion Is, that rank system needed to Make the simple... Only kills and assist...subclass and dual class certs free,little more bigger adena drop and only itams that u need to work on Is rb juwels... Is the interesting that ali have similar itams like blyat -archers,fsd-daggers,urge-mages,k6y-healers pvp will be more awsome.... Start itams Is awsome now... GC client Is more complicated that i think is... GM more complicate with that Elo,death count,top player,top team... Rank system just need to tell others player how awsome u Are,not used for farming itams.... Make kills,assist rank system and bigger Gap... The goal for player to get itams Soon as possible and to have fun... One more thing... Only itams that separates strong char Abd stronger Is rb juwels(also agument for rb juwels From aria life stone that we Can get From rb points that means rb event need to be max often) and wapon agument( p.skill crt dmg +15% and PVP dmg +10%) thats all... Love u guys. Salute
  4. Hello! I think there should be a new category on the grand boss events listing the top summoners as there is no way to be on the top of the other categories with 200 damage. I believe giving us more chances would be more fair. Thoughs?
  5. 1. I think it will be a great if you add the community board [alt + b] and add on it staff like [Announcements - Olympiad - Ranking(clan,pvp,etc.) - Shops (Where players can add any in-game items) *its boring to searching offline shop just to find 1 item) 2. Make announcements where players can type .yes or .no to see what the want. (I have played a server with that .yes and .no thing and the server kept getting better and better) 3. L2 Infinite had a great shift+click window where you could use it on a player and see how many times of each spree they've done and what was the biggest killing spree they've done. 4. I don't think its a good idea that res can give kill with chances. i think you should test it if 2 res=1 kill. thats all for now. more suggestions coming soon