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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, I am playing Cardinal as I have been for years, and I have to say I am pretty happy with the level of balance on the server*, but I would like to suggest decreasing the reliance on Chain Heal. Currently, Chain Heal does most of the healing as it is fast too cast, doesn't cost much, the cooldown is low, the range is high and it heals several people at once. While Cardinals have many tools to keep people alive, most of these tools are completely overshadowed by Chain Heal as they are just inferior in every way, and healing barely boils down to Chain Heal on cooldown, Balance Life when Chain Heal is not available (for the next 2 seconds...), and some occasional Major Heal / Cleanse here or there. That's 3-4 buttons. As I am writing this, most maps are won by which side has the most healers (not the best healers by any means) and who has the most geared SHs (can't really heal a 4k 6k vortex slug combo) on open maps. My proposal would be to either tune the skill with one of the following points, or a combination of following points (e.g. cooldown to 4 seconds and mana to 350) increase the cooldown of Chain Heal to 6-8 seconds or increase the cast time to match Major Group Heal or reduce the healing done to 15-20% max hp instead of 30% max hp or increase the mana required from 200 to 400-500 On the other hand, Restore Life is much slower to cast than on retail for no apparent reason. Restore Life could be modified so that it becomes viable again, complementing Chain Heal so that Cardinal doesn't lose too much healing output. Body of Avatar, and I suspect Battle Roar for glad/destro, could also be changed so that they work with Improved Condition. * Additional suggestions below from my observations SH need to lose empowering echo on a server where mana is not an issue. NCSoft dropped the ball when they introduced it, there is no need to keep their mistakes alive. Gladiators and Tyrants are a bit too strong as they can rush every other second (another idiocy from NCSoft) and crit for 4k or more while having 25k hp and a shitload of resists: either increase Rush cooldown to 5-10 seconds, or slightly lower their damage There is basically no reason to play a dagger over a tyrant/glad at the moment. While Warriors have spammable rush and good damage, Daggers struggle by having long cooldown on Shadow Step and no more fighter prophecies that do not reduce movement speed (like Profecy of Wind in Interlude). Furthermore, their damage is currently ridiculously low, although I doubt that the few daggers I have encountered were geared with 300 elements, enchanted skills and AQ/Baium.
  2. Dear community of L2ovc, A brief intro about myself, this is actually my first season here and have to say that me and my brother (Queipo) have had lots of fun since the day we joined. Now going to the issue. I wanted to share on this post an experience I had a couples of days ago. Using this opportunity to make you aware of a scam that can be done massively on this server. A couple of days ago my brother and I decided to start looking for a clan. This idea came from the fact that belonging to a clan provides a set of skills that improve char. After talking with several clan members around we found a clan that suited more our style (Spanish speaker leader, around same level of improvement, full clan skills, etc). The clan name is Mein and his leader goes by the char name mDMA, afrodite, adrenaline. Everything was going well until my brother one day needed to trade items from my account to his and I happened to be too busy at work to help him. As not as good as it might sound on your head while reading a post from a stranger that got his items stolen, try to think about the context of what happened next. My brother with the urgent need of trading my items decided to ask help to the clan leader, again is not just another player from server is a clan leader. He as soon as got the items traded kicked both my brother and I from clan and kept items (RB jewels). After a couple of days we hoped that he will eventually make up his mind and return the items, but even after telling other clan members about the issue and having heard that members will talk with him, he never turn the items back. Just wanted to let everybody know the power that comes from having a player own a clan that its eventually necessary to have better stats in game. I believe this kind of behavior and misuse of the gaming style allows to create not a healthy and friendly playing environment, unless admins here allow to have either mafias or gangs in server. As a suggestion I believe that solutions like the recent post that emerald did about having stores in siege castles with better prices/items are better incentives. They actually go along the bases of a clan which are recruiting the best players you can in order to win sieges and farm together to improve. This direct power given to a clan and clan leaders in general is just a tool for regular users to create corruption and as we all know we don't live in a perfect world and there is always that guy who abuses because knows in the bottom that there will be no punishment. I hope this post will be useful and create awareness for everyone. Looking forward to read your comments, answers, Best, Jm (Abuelo)
  3. Am i the only one that complaining about treasure hunter's skills landrate?
  4. I logged in a friend's character before server shutdown and its HellKnight(Dark Avanger). Its a awesome class with less support status than Phoenix Knight(Paladin) or Eva's Templar(Temple Knight)... But I noticed a problem to this classes survive in events. this panther has a "DPS/LowDefs" status. It's not a problem, the problem is: •If you want to re-summon this panther, even if you have an auto-use BSS(spirit shot) and a Acumen weapon to accelerate this process, you will stay holded for a long time in seconds to summon again this pet. It turns difficult the way to survive in map events. (it's only a suggestion to motivate people to try learn play some utilitary/support classes and not turn our server an boring "ranged wars" game.) A number between 15% of this community know that the problem of season not goin longer is bad loser players who can't admit that still doesn't learned to play their own favorite classes results in bad actions like: zerg/leave server and both makes season finish earlier. We need active and motivated players. Later I can write some basic guides for better ways to survive this server and play some classes, new players are are joinning late season in maps with lvl76 +A grade bow archers, for example.(we know it's stupid and I'm not trying to throw this reallity on their faces, I'm just trying to help). Hope that next season comes to be an end for this random servers on our web, beacause the real L2 features are here on OvC, we can't lose this server.
  5. Sayha's Hide - When Using Skills you leave invisibility (current) Sayha's Hide - When Using Skills in hide (invisibility) you still remain hidden (should be like this) Compelling Wind - When using skill target can't do anything and won't run to you Compelling Wind - When using skill target should run towards you while not being able to do anything (should be like this) When using both Deceptive Blink and Wind Blend after Deceptive Blink expires Wind blend doesn't give hide but it should. Source : Tested on Officials - Ramona & Airin
  6. None of sayha's hides work properly: Windy Refuge -> What it should do: Remove Debuffs/Regen MP/HP and Invisible while doing so Windy Refuge -> What it does: Removes debuffs no invisible/no regen Wind Blend -> What it should do: Can be canceled to enter Invisible mode Wind Blend -> What it does: Canceling Buff doesn't give hide In General - You can use Skills while being in invisible mode and still be in one Source - 4Game - Ramona EU OFFICIAL
  7. Greetings, Emerald ! Nice server ! I found some bugs unusual to me, correct me if I am wrong, so: 1st- The Heart of Pa`agrio take buff slot. 2nd- Turn to Stone duration is 1 second instead of 8. 3rd- HP/CP restore ( The Heart of Pa'agrio | The Honor of Pa'agrio | Ritual of Life) Doesn't give any exp/sp/adena or other kind of drop like boxes, etc proof: PvP rewards formula: 5 may* Debuffs count as damage done on enemies, depending on debuff power, even if debuff has been resisted.* People won't get rewards even if in a party for doing nothing, you must either attack enemies or debuff enemies or heal party members in order to be rewarded.* CP/normal healing will add the healed target attackers to the healer's attack list if the healed target is in the same party, so he will get rewards if these targets get killed.(Shouldn't it counts as Exp equal as Heals from Healer ?)* Players in party will get reward if a target they didn't attack got killed by a party member only if their attacked by list isn't empty. 4th- Seal of Limit is 81 level skill not 83 ? 5th- Seal of Blockade level 2 at 81 level doesn't exist 6th- Pa'agrio's Fist level 2 at 81 level doesn't exist proof: pmfun : http://lineage.pmfun.com/list/skill/c115/orc-dominator.html l2wiki : https://l2wiki.com/Dominator Please take a look, thank you in advance !