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  1. Olympiads

    I have a question about the Olympiads on this game. Emerald - Should you use the same system as Deathmatch to prevent the clan feed ? Maybe it gona be good to play clean and have fun on olympiads no just clan feeds and same ''heroes'' as always because they have feed from other clan members. Regards, TM888
  2. About siege/olympiads

    Hello dear emerald <3 haha theres any posibility to change siege hour to some hour that theres no olympiads? so we can focus everyone on siege or focus in olympiads... iff not would be same as all sieges... 1 clan seal then everyone go oly for 1:45 hours and last minutos everyone atack... is boring !! so any chance to move siege timme?

    Olympiads are friday, saturday, sunday? saturday and sunday? ********How much hours x day?************+