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Found 4 results

  1. Zirconium

    Delete Bishops

    Delete bishops from a pvp server. Plain , Simple. That's It.
  2. Hope everyone is excited to interlude it up as much as I am. Going to play Healer (BP) and I'm looking for a clan this time around If anyone wants a healer get at me hopefully I will be on day 1. Order/Chaos doesn't matter to me will play either. In game name will be RipGut. Will update if I change name. See yall on the battlefield gona be a blood bath <3 <3
  3. Would really love a new animation cancelling command, except heals/celestials. Playing without animations is a must in my case, because of the crit errors/lag they are causing. Knowing if my target is getting spam healed or has celestial on, or to recognize healers on the battlefield is so essential for the gameplay and it's not possible with all animation off. Thoughts?
  4. Hello, I mostly play on my cardinal sub and it sucks to finish an epic boss and not get counted as a healer Any way this could be fixed? Cheers