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  1. Hello , im a 79 lvl Ghost hunter and i have enchanted hex to +9 and it barely lands on players, maybe 1/10 I also tried it on the Training doll NPC and the land rate was very low also (i tried with empower buffs and it was the same) Blinding blow turn back effect never works, same for evasion counter passive
  2. Screen Message

    Can we have a message somewhere on the screen that tells us theskill caught or not on them ?Just like the double kill message or smthg like that so i can know if it succeeded or not. I can't ... really see all the time if 10 ppl hitting me and it's quite important for a SK for example , for any char actually but , ye it would help out a lul bit' i believe.
  3. Skill name HEX is no working My HEX is +11!!! But I think 20%~~30% in!!! please check it