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  1. What if?

    Hey. I know we had issues in the past. I'm not tryin to force my vision, just simply telling an idea. I know this is OvC notInfinite l2, nor other server. I get it. Some time ago i have found a server (wasnt open yet) but i wasintrigued by the idea that the creator had. But never gt the chance to try it becuse from free it become member only (5 euro or somewhat, thereby no QQ about donators) I know we all love this from lvl 75, from Bgrd to Sgrind, and only from PvP. It is a really good idea, and accomplishable, IF and ONLY IF the srv has high population. I remember back in Infinite l2 is had consistensy if i recall correcly, opening about 60v60 later 30v30. Here, I didnt played much becuse I personnaly dontfinding it any resons to. Yes I am older now has a job, grown up life. Just to give a glimps of my point of view I ask you a question. Why the F*UCK would you want to play somewhere where you log in just to see everyone has a better gear than you, and you have ABSOLULY ZERO chance to catch up?I'm not speaking of progressive gamplay. I'm speaking of 30-40 days and wipe... and at 30th day srv population = 6 ppl... The idea what I have is untraditional. You will freak out for sure. But trust me you wont need to wipe every 30 days. Make the gamplay more like normal serverlike. Start from lvl 1. Use the whole world of L2, not just 1 city and like 20 locations for events. Use this 2 sided gameplay, the factions!!!!!!! Every city should be fighted for!!!!! Maybe 24/7 or maybe weekly battles. My propblem was alvays that I didnt had the time to play as much as others, and THRE WAS NO ALTERNATIVE to get gear. This way, you can kill mobs for adena... But make a system where like enchant is pvp only (farming) or like make it not this sh*t IL chronice, make it H5, and top tiper weaps/armors can be obtained only by pvp. but vesper can be crafted or smthlike. AND let this event system stay. My dream is where I dont need to suffer million deaths (no adena if i die) till I can afford a better gear, and then just die 700.000 time to get a more advaced gear. If I commit myself to go in and try to fight, its gonna be for a reason!!!!!!!! Im not some 10y/o with out a goal in his/her life. If I join a fight I want to have a good time fighting. That is not what I get here. If I have the oppourtunuty to farm my gear by normal way (even if its 5x longer than by pvp) then I would play. And I'm not alone with this, trust me. Then I will be able to show my skills in pvp... How can someone show what he has if he gets 1 shooted? Give this man his chance... So basically in short. Make a normal server, but with 2 sides. I know its a lot of work. I know it may easly fail. But the end result canot be worse than the Grand Crusade scenario. Also know it sounds like a complaint, but dont expect much change in the cmmunity here, if you wont. I'm not saying what you offer us is bad, if that would be the case no one would play. But people still playing here. Not a lot, and they all want change. If you ban me again, fine from me. I have gotused to geting baned on social media because I'm allways right, and truth hurts. And people dont like it.