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  1. Cancel OPE

    Hello regards, I wanted to write because really the Skill "CANCEL" really this OP, in that sense, I have seen several titan already trying to play, I include myself and try to wait so long for a magician to arrive and pull cancel is fucked, they even have so high the chance that having all the buffs to avoid it equal enters. You should if you get it down, the chance is very annoying, apart from leaving you as a feast for the attack. IT IS A MISTAKE THAT MAGICIANS HAVING SO MANY REGALIES continue to support them, and do nothing about that. regards Shot00000.bmp Shot00001.bmp Shot00002.bmp Shot00003.bmp Shot00004.bmp Shot00005.bmp Shot00006.bmp Shot00007.bmp Shot00008.bmp Shot00009.bmp Shot00010.bmp Shot00011.bmp Shot00014.bmp Shot00015.bmp