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  1. Empower SA rework

    Craft an weapon like Imperial Staff is useless for everyone. who want to make a PVP build to maps, it's only usefull to some olly SA. The matack boost of Empower SA on Imperial Staff is lower than 100(+60). Every class have a better way to make a "damage per second" build with only acumen weapons. for example: Arcana mace have a based matack status(+0): 175 Imperial Staff have a based matack: 193 Ok, at one you get +15% cspd and at other +60 matack. We could have an Acumen SA on Imperial staff, to have another acumen S weapon without blockshield chance on play style. or we could have a usefull Empower SA on this and other Empower weapons like +8% or +500matack...